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2017 US Tax Year End Planning
As the US tax year draws to a close, what steps do you need to take to minimize your tax exposure? Will the proposed 201…
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Asian Private Banker: Asian investors shouldn’t hurry to restructure US assets if estate tax is repealed
Following an interview with Buzzacott Partners Carlo Gray and Scott Barber, Asian Private Banker reported…
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Asian Private Banker: Brit Expats “thinking twice” about returning home
Asian Private Banker recently wrote an article on the UK non-domiciled tax rules following a phone interview with…
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I'm 'offshore': How can I have a UK tax problem?
If you are an individual, trustee or director/shareholder of a non-UK company (or equivalent entities…
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The Asset: British expats beware: tax changes on return to UK imminent
Buzzacott’s recent press release on the UK non-domiciled tax rules…
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The British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong: Returning Brits to be taxed on worldwide income from April 2017
Buzzacott’s press release on the reform of the non-domicile rules…
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Hubbis: FATCA deadline looms in Hong Kong
The end of March marks the next deadline…
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Citywire Asia: Note to HK and SG: Fatca rules might change under Trump
Hong Kong has signed an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA)…
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FT.com: ‘Non-dom’ tax change to hit thousands of returning expats
Permanent non-dom status will be abolished…
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As you were, for now, for non-domiciled individuals: uncertainty prevails
We have been talking to many of our clients about…
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HR Magazine (online): Repats on the up, compliance issues for HR
There has been a significant increase in the number of ‘repats’…
Read more 20170516
AEOI: Guidance for Hong Kong Financial Institutions
The Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department…
Read more 20180109
AEOI: Guidance for account holders of Hong Kong Financial Institutions
What you need to know about AEOI…
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South China Morning Post: Britain Targets Landlords with New Tax Measures
Read more 20180809
The lifecycle of a global assignment
Read more 20180809
Hubbis: Returning Brits to be taxed on worldwide income from April 2017
Read more 20180809
Asian Private Banker: Compliance deadline nears for US taxpayers in HK
Read more 20180809
UK Tax rule changes for UK residential property give landlords the buy-to-let blues
Read more 20180809
A taste of Hong Kong life
Read more 20180809
Stepping stones for Americans living in Asia
Read more 20180827
Asian Private Banker: Private Banks in Asia need to review their FATCA agreements by month’s end
Read more 20180809
The Asset: End-July FATCA renewal agreement deadline approaches for foreign banks
The Asset published Buzzacott’s latest release on the FATCA agreement renewal deadline…
Read more 20180711
Citywire Asia: Smaller wealth managers could lose Fatca participatory status
Read our latest insight…
Read more 20180809
Moving out of the expat bubble – a step closer to localisation
Ishali Patel from our Hong Kong office shares her thoughts on leaving…
Read more 20180731
Wealthy British expats face
Over the past decade, considerable changes have been made…
Read more 20180809
What are the five key takeaways from the STEP ASIA Conference 2017?
Associate Director Ishali Patel, shares her top five takeaways…
Read more 20180809
Owning UK Real Estate: A game of Jenga!
Here James Walker explains…
Read more 20180809
US corporate tax cut incentivises Asian HNWIs to invest through companies
With the US corporate tax rate being reduced…
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Citywire Asia Community Spotlight - Smart Saving
Read more…
Read more 20180809
US Tax Reform – the basics for US individuals in Hong Kong and the wider APAC region
Take a look at our top tips of how to best…
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One stop shop for business start-ups in the UK
Whether you are starting a new business or wishing to expand…
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Stepping Stones: What Americans need to know when arriving in Hong Kong
Stepping Stones: What Americans need to know when arriving in Hong Kong…
Read more 20180904
Stepping Stones: What Americans need to know about owning property
Stepping Stones: What Americans need to know about owning property…
Read more 20180904
1 October 2018
Buzzacott elects Tony Hopson as new managing partner
Buzzacott elects new managing partner…
Read more 20181001