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4 November 2021
2021 US tax year end planning
We’re yet to hear if President Biden’s tax proposals will come into effect, but there’s still important US tax yea…
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22 March 2021
2021 tax reliefs and extensions for US individuals
Various extensions have been announced to reduce the number of US taxpayers incurring interest and penalties due to…
Read more 2021-03-22
23 February 2021
How to minimise your 2020/21 UK tax bill
The 2020/21 UK tax year ends on 5 April 2021, and there are a number of things you can do to ensure that your tax bill…
Read more 2021-02-23
21 October 2020
The impact of the US election on US taxes
As we enter the final few weeks before the US presidential and congressional elections, there is much speculation on…
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3 November 2021
The US taxation of crypto assets
Crypto assets are a hot topic, and the IRS has shown a strong interest in how they are taxed, by asking about crypto ass…
Read more 2021-11-03
Tax checklist for moving to the UK
Whether you’re moving to the UK permanently or just for the foreseeable future, it’s important for you to plan…
Read more 2021-10-11
President Biden’s American Families Plan - what it means for you
President Biden’s proposed American Families Plan is intended to raise $1.5 trillion of tax revenue over a decade…
Read more 2021-04-30
Key tax considerations when moving to the UK or the US
There’s a lot to consider before moving to a new location, and each person will have their own particular…
Read more 2021-04-20
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