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Are you looking to move to the UK? Finding your way around a new place takes time, patience and (ideally) a helping hand. Sure, you can buy a map – but a clued-up local will definitely get you further. Think of us as your personal tax guide. 

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It’s important to obtain detailed bespoke advice well before you become resident for tax purposes. Seeking advice at least three months before relocating is what we usually recommend, but preferably longer so you have time to implement the advice you’re given before it’s too late.  

We know the UK tax system inside out. Talk to us about how best to manage your income, reduce liability and pay the correct local tax.

Tax residence

Tax residence

Firstly, you should understand exactly when tax residence is triggered so you can determine the date your planning needs to be completed by. The UK has a complex series of residence tests. As well as the number of days you’re present in the UK, you need to consider the number of ties you have, such as family, employment, accommodation and historical presence. There’s also a distinction between domicile and residence which is important to factor in.  

If you have a domicile of origin in the UK, you will be taxable on your worldwide income and gains from the moment you become resident there but if you are non-UK domiciled, you may be able to spend a period of time in the UK with no tax on your offshore income and gains. Our experts can advise on the best way to arrange your affairs to utilise this potential opportunity. 

How we can help

As well as planning for your residence status, we can help you with:  

Why work with us?

Why work with us? 

We specialise in providing UK personal tax services and are a leading provider for cost effective solutions to individuals, companies, partnerships and trusts. For more than 55 years, we have helped expatriates from around the world understand and comply with ever increasing tax regulations and minimise their tax liabilities wherever possible. At our offices in Hong Kong and London we look after UK nationals living outside of the UK and non-UK residents with connections or investments in the UK. We also support individuals and families worldwide with moving to or from the UK. Our team comprises over 60 UK tax professionals that specialise in preparing UK individual tax returns and provide bespoke personal UK tax advice tailored to individual circumstances. 

In some cases, the services of UK qualified lawyers, wealth planners or other specialists may be required. For example in drafting a domicile statement or a will, carrying out conveyancing for a property purchase, reviewing your asset portfolio or pensions from a UK perspective, or helping with a visa application. Our many years of experience in this field has allowed us to develop a strong network that we can draw on when these services are required. If you need an introduction to one of these specialists, please let us know and we can facilitate an introduction.

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Get in touch 

For professional advice tailored to your unique circumstances, please fill out the form below and one of our experts will be in touch to discuss your requirements and how we can help. Please note that our advisory services are charged at our hourly rates and a formal engagement will need to be in place before any advice is provided.

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