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UK Tax investigations. | 英國稅務審查幫助與稅務爭議解決

Buzzacott’s UK Tax Investigations specialist team can help you avoid a HMRC Tax Investigation, survive one that’s underway, or assist in reducing any penalties you may have received.

Our London-based team specialise in HMRC tax enquiries, VAT inspections and HMRC appeals, assisting clients residing in Hong Kong and other countries in Asia. Our specialist service was established in response to a growing demand from professionals and their clients for tax investigation specialists that could provide unrivalled niche services.

Our experience means that we know how HMRC thinks, acts and communicates and we use this and our insight into HMRC current practices to achieve the best possible outcome for you.



我們位於倫敦的團隊專責英國的稅務查詢、增值稅檢查和英國稅務局的上訴,協助居住在香港和亞洲其他國家的客戶。 我們的專業服務是為了滿足專業人士及其客戶對稅務調查專家不斷增長的需求,以提供無與倫比的合適服務。



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