VAT. | 增值稅

For a supposedly ‘simple tax’, VAT can make even the most savvy of business people break out in a cold sweat. But with the right advice it doesn’t need to be a nightmare. From VAT registration, reviews and dealing with HMRC, our experienced team can help you.

No matter what your issue, from VAT liability, to the most complex partial exemption calculations, we can save you time and costs.

VAT recovery - If you make VAT exempt supplies or undertake non-business activities, your organisation may not be able to reclaim all of the VAT that it incurs on its costs, but don’t worry, we can help you optimise your recovery.

VAT liability queries - The VAT liability of your income determines both the VAT that has to be charged on to your customers and the extent to which you can reclaim VAT on costs. Therefore, getting the liability right has a direct effect on business efficiency. Getting it wrong can lead to costly VAT penalties. We can help you navigate this challenge and provide guidance for the best course of action. 

VAT training - We run sector-focused training courses and can offer bespoke training for your business or staff needs so that your team are best equipped to deal with VAT issues within your organisation. 

VAT for not-for-profit organisations

If you are a UK charity, we know you need to spend your time and effort working hard to direct funds where they’re most needed, and that’s where our not-for-profit VAT team comes in, with expert advice on property, grants, contracts and VAT recovery. We help charities review their VAT position on a regular basis, working together to ensure processes are up to date with changes in law, HMRC policy and the organisation's activities.

VAT reliefs - One of the best ways of mitigating VAT is to ensure you make full use of the reliefs you may be entitled to. We can tell you about any of the zero-rate reliefs that might apply to the goods or services that you are purchasing so you are in the best position to limit your VAT exposure. 

Capital projects - Capital projects are exhilarating, exhausting, exciting, demanding and often all consuming! Understanding the VAT implications at an early stage can maximise VAT benefits, especially where not all the VAT will be recoverable. Our VAT team can help with planning, from advising on reliefs and managing the VAT Capital Goods Scheme requirements. The key is to take advice from the outset.

Sectors we work with

  • Charity
  • Education including academies and further education establishments
  • Arts, museums and culture
  • Membership organisations
  • Housing associations 
  • Welfare and healthcare

VAT consultancy for charities

VAT for UK and global businesses

If you’re a UK company, our VAT specialists can advise you about liability on both everyday transactions and complex purchases. If you trade within the EU and beyond, our market-leading service Fiscal Solutions knows international VAT compliance inside-out.

Businesses we work with

  • Accountants
  • Architects 
  • Corporates
  • Importers and exporters
  • Commercial property organisations 
  • Law firms and other professional practises

Making Tax Digital came in to effect on 1 April 2019 and is part of new regulation being enforced by HMRC to get organisations to submit their VAT returns digitally. For most organisations their current accounting software will be MTD compatible, but if you’re unsure or it isn’t, don’t worry! Our tech experts have designed a bridging solution for you that will help make your VAT returns MTD compatible.




如果您是英國公司,我們的增值稅專家可以就日常交易和複雜購買行為的納稅義務,向您提供建議。如果您在歐盟國家進行交易,我們可以提供領先市場的服務財務解決方案(Fiscal Solutions),我們熟知國際增值稅合規。



  • 增值稅退稅 - 如果您提供免繳增值稅物資或進行非商業活動,您的機構可能無法收回產生的所有增值稅,但不用擔心,我們會讓您取得最大退稅額。
  • 增值稅培訓 - 我們的增值稅培訓課程針對不同行業設計,可根據您的業務或員工的需要,定制培訓課程,讓您的團隊有效處理組織的增值稅問題。
  • 增值稅納稅義務 - 您收入的增值稅納稅義務,決定必須向客戶收取的增值稅額,以及您可以從成本裏退回的增值稅額。因此,是否正確計算應納稅額會直接影響營運效率。計算出錯,可能會導致昂貴的增值稅罰款,我們可以助您面對這挑戰,並指導您作出最好的處理。


  • 會計師事務所
  • 建築師樓
  • 企業
  • 進出口公司
  • 商業地產公司
  • 律師事務所及其他專業執業








  • 在慈善機構及非弁利組織
  • 教育,包括學院和持續進修機構
  • 藝術、博物館和文化
  • 會員組織
  • 住房組織
  • 福利和醫療保健
  • 稅務電子化(MTD)
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