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The need to be tax compliant in an unfamiliar environment is more important than ever. We can bring your US and UK income tax filings up to date, and provide you with bespoke US and UK tax advice designed around your specific circumstances.

Our experience enables us to efficiently identify all your reporting requirements while also making all expense and tax reduction claims of benefit. We draw on a wealth of knowledge of both current and previous US and UK tax regimes to ensure complete tax compliance for our clients.

The concepts of domicile and residency and the heavily legislated rules can be daunting, and with US States varying how adhesively their particular domicile rules are applied, we can advise you on these issues and prepare the correct UK, US Federal and State forms as appropriate to your circumstances. Further, given the varying domestic tax regimes across Asia Pacific, we use our expertise in both high-tax and low-tax jurisdictions to ensure that the US (and UK where appropriate) tax forms are prepared correctly and in accordance with which country you are resident in.

We also provide guidance for US expatriation, which can be made even more daunting when facing the IRS. Our team register the relevant agency forms, see the process to its conclusion, and, where necessary, limit any penalties for example by submitting statements of reasonable cause, and applying for either suspension of penalties or instalment arrangements to settle unpaid tax liabilities.





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