UK tax returns and compliance

If you're spending time in the UK, or if you're non-UK resident but own UK property / have other ongoing sources of income there, you may need to file UK tax returns. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to reduce your UK tax exposure.
Letting a UK property

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This will also apply to those who have never lived in the UK but have acquired UK sources of income, such as investments in UK real estate.

Letting a UK property

If your UK property generates rental income, you are required to report the net income. However, with the right advice you may be able to deduct certain expenses and tax-free allowances, to help you retain more of your earnings. Our UK tax experts can advise you on the correct way to file your return in order to avoid penalties, while also identifying opportunities to reduce your tax burden by claiming the allowances and deductions you are entitled to.

Selling a UK property

Selling a UK property

There may be a one-off tax return due when you sell your UK property, if the property has gained in value since you purchased it. There are a number of filing options available so it may be difficult to find the method that will achieve the best result for you. Also, if you have ever lived in the property you may be entitled to some relief from capital gains tax. There are a number of exemptions that could apply to you, so you should seek advice from Buzzacott, who often advise in this area, before you begin the process of selling your UK home.

Non-Resident Capital Gains Tax (NRCGT)

If you sell your UK property while you are non-UK resident, a special one-time Non-Resident Capital Gains Tax (NRCGT) return will need to be filed within 30 days of completion. This form must be filed online in addition to your regular tax return. We can support you with this to ensure the form is filed correctly and on time.

When to file your UK tax return

When to file your UK tax return

The UK tax year runs from 6 April to 5 April and if you submit your return electronically the filing deadline is 31 January, following the end of the tax year.  Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) will penalise late filed or incomplete tax returns and are very active in pursuing those who are non-compliant.

2020/21 UK tax rates and allowances

2021/22 UK tax rates and allowances

While living outside the UK, it can be difficult to stay on top of the key tax rates and allowances amid day-to-day living. There are also some important dates that you may need to be aware of. Our UK tax card contains up to date information on payment deadlines for UK taxpayers residing outside the UK. Click here to download your free copy.

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