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A little forward planning can go a long way.  Many business owners are so busy planning where their company will be next year, they don’t have time to think about where they might be next year. Never mind what’ll happen when they leave or retire.

If you’re getting ready to move on, you want to make your business as attractive as possible to bidders. That means planning a realistic and confidential sale strategy in advance. Let us help you look your best, so when buyers start getting interested, you’re ready to decide how (or if) you want to proceed.

Succession planning for business continuity

First you need to know your options. To give you an idea, our team can arrange a valuation of your business from both technical and commercial viewpoints. Then we can talk you through the pros and cons of selling, management buy-out or employee ownership as possible future paths.

If you choose to sell – whether months or years ahead – it takes planning, time and money to maximise company value. We can help you identify areas that drain or enhance your business’s value and decide where to direct resources to increase value and marketability. It’s not just about profit. You need to think about reducing uncertainty and risk in the eye of the buyer.

Once you decide which strategy is right for you and the business, you can rely on our support to ensure everything goes to plan.

Trust planning and advice

Setting up a trust is one of the most tax-efficient ways to protect wealth for your heirs. Every day our advisors work with professional and private trustees, existing trust beneficiaries and people who want to set up just this sort of trust. Our aim is always to make the complicated simple – or at least as simple as it possibly can be.

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