Global working. | 全球工作

When business booms, new horizons loom. Taking your employees and services to fresh corners of the globe can be challenging and exciting, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pilot the journey smoothly. Our service is designed to help you relocate staff overseas quickly and legally.

Take the pressure off your inhouse resources by adding our team to yours. We offer joined-up tax and payroll solutions, plus HR support for relocating employees and their families. You can lean on our global mobility team throughout. The better we know you, the more practical and personalised our advice can be.

Expatriate tax advice for global workers

  • Wherever you’re based, our dedicated expat tax team can guide you and your staff through the maze of local liability and legislation.
  • Help with payroll compliance, reporting and structuring (to avoid double taxation); we can also run shadow payroll in countries such as the US
  • Prepare and review budgets for relocation and living expenses; planning for exits and completion
  • Liaise with HMRC or the IRS on your behalf and prepare financial statements on employees’ reportable income

Support the wellbeing of international employees

Team up with our HR specialists to ensure your globetrotters make stress-free transitions and hit the ground running. We can:

  • Arrange employee induction plans and cultural business coaching
  • Advise relocating partners and spouses on business/medical insurance or school enrolment
  • Support individuals and internal HR teams with employees returning at the end of an assignment

Download this useful resource

The life cycle of a global assignment

Video: Making a success of your international assignments through expat agreements





  • 幫助薪資合規、申報和結構(避免雙重課稅);我們還可以在美國等國家執行影子糧單
  • 準備及檢視調派及生活費的預算;為離開和完成計劃做好規劃
  • 代表您與HMRC或IRS聯絡,並準備有關員工應申報收入的財務報表
  • 支援國際員工



  • 安排員工入職方案和文化業務指導
  • 為派遺員工的配偶提供商業/醫療保險或學校註冊上的建議
  • 員工在結束調派後,為個人及內部人力資源團隊提供支援
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