Expatriate tax for employers. | 海外员工派遣稅務業務

There’s more to relocating an employee than booking a plane ticket and accommodation. A tall stack of paperwork more. If you need international staff to hit the ground running, it helps to have expertise on your side.
Help with UK tax

Our expat tax team know employment tax on both sides of the Atlantic, having handled relocations for solo workers up to hundreds of employees. So, you can trust us to ease staff transitions. Our service includes payroll, tax calculations, short-term business visitor reporting and benefit reporting. And we can liaise closely with your HR and payroll teams to take care of your people for the lifetime of their assignment.

Help with UK tax

  • UK tax advice
  • UK tax returns for non-UK residents with UK source income
  • UK tax advice about UK statutory residency rules
  • Pre-departure/arrival planning, including assignment structuring
  • Inheritance tax advice
Help with US tax

Help with US tax

  • US tax returns for UK-residing American taxpayers
  • Tax advice: foreign tax credit optimisation, deductions, tax-efficient investments and pension planning
  • US Federal and State income tax returns (corporate, partnership, trust and non-US pension reporting for UK-resident US citizens)
  • Foreign bank account reports
  • US estate and gift tax returns
  • Back year returns (including reasonable cause statements)

We work hand-in-hand with our Global Mobility team who can advise you on managing an international workforce. And you’re welcome to share your queries with Buzzacott’s other specialists, from HR to financial planning. Thanks to our membership of the PrimeGlobal international association, we can also connect you with trusted experts worldwide who deliver the same quality of service you expect from us.



  • 英國稅務諮詢
  • 英國收入的非英國居民的英國納稅申報
  • 英國法定居住規則
  • 離境/入境前的規劃,包括派遣架構
  • 繼承稅諮詢


  • 居英美國納稅人的美國納稅申報諮詢
  • 稅務建議:外國稅收豁免、減免、節稅投資和養老金規劃
  • 美國聯邦及州份的所得稅申報(居英美國人的企業、合夥,信託和非美國養老金申報)
  • 外國銀行帳戶申報
  • 美國遺產和禮品申報
  • 上年度申報(包括合理原因的陳述



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