Expatriate tax. | 英美海外居民個人所得稅業務

Are you a UK or US citizen living away? Then you know that finding your way around a new place takes time, patience and (ideally) a helping hand. Sure, you can buy a map – but a clued-up local will definitely get you further. Think of us as your personal tax guide.

We know how both tax systems work from the inside, out. Talk to us about how best to manage your income, reduce liability and pay the correct local tax. We’ve had the pleasure of supporting many internationally mobile workers through pivotal stages in their lives from our London office while on the other side of the world Buzzacott’s Hong Kong team looks after US and UK nationals living across Southeast Asia.

  • UK tax advice
  • US tax returns for UK-residing American citizens
  • UK tax returns for non-UK residents with UK source income
  • UK tax advice about UK statutory residency rules
  • Pre-departure/arrival planning, including assignment structuring
  • Inheritance tax advice

Help with US tax services

  • Residence and domicile issues
  • US & UK Tax return compliance
  • Cross-border trust and estate tax 
  • Dual US/UK qualified charities 
  • FATCA/CRS advice 
  • International Pension & Tax Reporting & Advice 
  • Mixed Fund Analysis 
  • US/UK Divorce Tax Advice 
  • US/UK Share Schemes Tax Advice 
  • Expatriation
  • US residents in Hong Kong 

Global Mobility

We work hand-in-hand with our Global Mobility team who can advise you on managing an international workforce. And you’re welcome to share your queries with Buzzacott’s other specialists, from HR to financial planning. Thanks to our membership of the PrimeGlobal international association, we can also connect you with trusted experts worldwide who deliver the same quality of service you expect from us.


您是否居住在外地的英國或美國公民?那您大概知道在陌生的地方找路需要時間、耐性及(最好)有人幫忙。您當然可以買一份地圖 - 但熟知當地的本地人更能助您一臂之力。您可把我們視作處理稅務上的私人嚮導。


  • 居所和戶籍問題
  • 美國和英國納稅申報服務
  • 跨境信託及遺產稅
  • 雙重美國/英國資格慈善機構
  • FATCA / CRS建議
  • 國際養老金和稅務申報及建議
  • 混合基金分析
  • 美國/英國離婚稅務諮詢
  • 美國/英國股票計劃
  • 稅務建議
  • 外派美國居民在香港